7 Good Reasons Why We’re The Best

1. Dedicated service

MoByTheWay is not the umpteenth tourist portal that your establishment pays for. Mobytheway is a small revolution in the field of communication: a service exclusively connected to your web page, to make it easily accessible from all mobile devices.

2. Ease

The MobyTheWay installation is simple, so you can do it yourself (but if you want, we will install it). Once you have registered your website with MobyTheWay, the application will function automatically each time a user visits your website from a mobile telephony device.

3. Functionality

MobyTheWay describes the main features of your establishment in 5 languages (Italian, English, German, French and Spanish). The translation service into other languages is in the process of being set up. The mobile version of your website, in addition to being detected by traditional search engines will appear in search engines specifically dedicated to mobile websites (e.g.: “http://www.google.com/m“), where the competition is currently much lower: this will allow your website to rise in position in the search results on the Internet.

4. Dynamism

BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Android and other standard mobile phones already represent a significant part of the traffic of Internet users, therefore, probably, also to your website Mobytheway, in addition to making your website perfectly readable for these users, updates its systems periodically on the basis of the new smart phones entering the market. So your mobile website always detects the system used by the user and displays the page properly.

5. Geo-positioning

With MobyTheWay, all users who visit your website with their smart phone in GPS will automatically get the Google Map directions to find your establishment easily.

6. Independence

With MobyTheWay, whenever you want change a description, a photo or an offer you can do it yourself, via the control panel, without having to ask the webmaster.

7. Convenience

The cost of € 120.00 VAT included per year represents a much more affordable investment than creating a mobile website, and it’s constantly updated.

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